Certified Ethical Hacker

What is Ethical Hacking?

Unlike those Black Hat freaks, ethical hacking is completely White Hat and it always aims to do good for the system owner and for the industry. An ethical hacker is an expert who works against the  security system of a computer or network to look for the vulnerabilities which might have malicious and bad effects. Such professionals work on behalf of the system or network owner to test security measures. In short, things are done for the purpose of doing something good. It’s about doing things ethically.

How to become a certified?

ISOL Training Program for CEH

ISOL Training Program for CEH

Internetwork Solution (ISOL) offers thought-provoking and organized bootcamps for this program. Our training program has been designed to train our students to develop and enhance their skills to evaluate the security level of a given system and detect loopholes within it using legitimate techniques underlined in the guidelines provided by EC council. Moreover, we prepare you as our student to apply suitable defensive and corrective measures to mitigate and minimize the potential threats and security breach. We take pride in saying that ISOL has been able to produce several talented and skilled hacking professionals till date, who all have been helping their employers and the IT industry as promising and expert ethical hackers.

Our expert panel of trainers backed by  precisely developed exceptional training methodology will not only help you pass your certification in the minimum possible time but will also build your expertise in handling most complex and  tricky hacking situation with great ease and supreme confidence. It all becomes possible by our guided modules and expert faculties.

Important and the growth prospects

With the growing influence of information and technology, the world today is experiencing its benefits, but it also brings certain threats  with it. In order mitigate and fight this threat the organizations employ services of experts to detect and fix the underlying vulnerabilities related to system security. They look for the professionals who are trained to help them secure their valuable information and away from hacking threats. Now you  know how progressing your career will be, don’t you?

To be a certified ethical hacking professional, you need to get trained and to earn a certification in the subject.  International Council of E-com Consultants (EC-Council) offers certification under the name of CEH. This certification verifies your credibility and skills as a professional hacker. Wondering what are the minimum requirements? Here you go:

Certification and Training Prerequisites:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • If below 18 years, then a written consent issued by parent or legal guardian must be provide to EC-Council or ATC.
  • To obtain this certification, it is mandatory to undergo a training program with an accredited training center (ATC) or perform self-study along with providing a proof of 2 years of professional experience in the field of information security.

Certification Exams

Either of the following exams should be passed for this certification:

Exam: CEHv7

  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Questions: 150
  • Pass Percentage: 70


Exam: CEHv8

  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Questions: 125
  • Pass Percentage: 70

Still need information? Or need counselling to get going? We are here to assist in the both the ways. If you have any query or question about our training program for certified ethical hacker, get int touch with us today. Our expert will be in your contact for counseling. Give it a go, the industry is calling you.